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PIXO VR Training Platform – Corporate Wellness Edition


The PIXO platform, streamlines the management of your training program—making it worry-free for training directors.
Content. Distribution. Management. Analytics. With PIXO, organizations can now use and scale XR technology easier than ever before, all with one secure, cloud-based solution.

Getting started:
⦿ Select the number of training modules and user licenses to include with your platform subscription. Each platform subscription comes with 3 training modules and up to 10 user licenses.
⦿ Complete the order checkout process.
⦿ Upon checkout completion, follow instructions to complete your organization's profile for provisioning.
⦿ PIXO will provision & activate your account within 1 business day.

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PIXO VR Training Platform – Corporate Wellness Edition Questions
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The PIXO platform Makes it Simple to Run Your VR Training Program

PIXO is the platform that enables you to manage and orchestrate VR training programs globally across multiple organizations – making it worry-free for training directors. A unified Extended Reality platform delivering content, distribution, and management with one, easy-to-use, cloud-based system.

  • Select - Browse and select the best VR training content for your employees.
  • Manage - Manage content permissions to specific orgs, groups, and users.
  • Deploy - Wirelessly send VR training content to any headset in the world.
  • Track - Track progress of training including status, completion and scoring.
  • Integrate - Integrate data with Learning Management Systems with our API.
Manage Unlimited Organizations and Programs

The PIXO platform enables parent/child management of VR programs. With various admin levels, you can take control of permissioning content to the appropriate organizations, groups, and users.

Send Content Wirelessly to Any Headset in the World

PIXO has a free app that your employees can use to grab their assigned training content and upload it wirelessly to their VR headset. PIXO content works on any headset, regardless of model, which makes the technical hurdles of VR worry-free for program administrators.

Quest, Quest 2, Pro, Rift Neo 2, Neo 3 Focus Plus, 3, Vive Omnicept
Provide Deep Insight Into Training Data at All Levels

The PIXO platform automatically tracks training progress at every stage—from headset upload through to completion. Program administrators will be able to see how users are doing with the content, time spent doing training, scores from training assessments, and a host of other data points. This information can be seen by user, group, organization, or across all of your programs.

PIXO partners with developers and agencies developing the best content for enterprise training.

PIXO's library of content continues to grow each day allowing easy entry into VR training. Of course there are times when custom content is needed and PIXO makes it simple for you to bring that content into the library and provision it for your unique needs.

Users and program managers can easily add custom content to our platform using our proprietary technology, or choose from the world's largest off-the-shelf VR Training content collection.

What's Included:

Your PIXO subscription comes with 3 "off-the-shelf" training modules (see "Training Modules" tab) and licenses for up to 10 users within your organization. You have the ability to add additional "off-the-shelf" training modules and/or user licenses that will be added to your organization's platform upon initial provisioning.

This is a one-year subscription. Your subscription includes unlimited use of the PIXO platform and all of its' features, unlimited use of all content ("off-the-shelf", custom, owned, etc.) available within your organization, and priority support from PIXO's support team.

Getting Started:

⦿ Select the number of training modules and user licenses to include with your platform subscription. Each platform subscription comes with up to 10 user licenses and 3 training modules from the most subscribed to categories including: Workforce safety, Workforce emergency training, Construction, Manufacturing and Mindfulness & meditation.

⦿ Complete the order checkout process.

⦿ Upon checkout completion, you'll receive confirmation of your PIXO platform subscription purchase as well as instructions for completing your organization's profile. This includes: adding your company'scredentials (Company name, admin contact, email for subscription setup, etc.), selecting which "off-the-shelf" training modules to add during provisioning & conforming which XR device(s) your organization will be using.

⦿ PIXO will set up & activate your account within 1 business day. Provisioning time may be effected if the organization profile is not filled out and completed within a couple hours post-purchase.

Simple API Integrations

PIXO has a proprietary content API that content partners can use to upload content directly to the PIXO platform. The integration ensures compatibility with all devices and dynamically keeps the content updated as creators improve it or fix bugs. That means you get the largest library of VR training content that is easily accessible and always current.

With the PIXO API, all of the incredible data from PIXO's platform can flow right into existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) to provide a holistic view of training program performance. The API is simple to use and works with any LMS.

PIXO VR Content Works With All Devices

We know that different teams and regions prefer different devices, so we’ve engineered our solution to be able to deploy and track from any VR headset. You never have to worry about updates or lock-ins, PIXO has you covered for any headset you choose.

Quest, Quest 2, Pro, Rift Neo 2, Neo 3 Focus Plus, 3, Vive Omnicept

And to streamline the experience, the PIXO platform integrates with Arbor XR and VMware technologies to deploy the content wirelessly to headsets located anywhere in the world.

ArborXR Device Management System
PIXO Connects to all Learning Management Systems

PIXO has created an API that allows simple integration with Learning Management Systems. It brings all the great tracking and assessment data from VR training right into the LMS that you use.

Don’t use an LMS? No problem! PIXO Apex has a robust analytics dashboard and reporting so you can easily manage your VR training program and show value.

Access the Largest VR Training Content Library

The PIXO platform is host to virtual reality training content made by XR content creators throughout the world. This means that a wide range of standard employee training content from hard skills, soft skills, and meditation + mindfulness is at the click of a button for you to provide to your organizations.

PIXO VR Training Meditation

Developer: Solas VR

PIXO VR Training Breathing Exercises

Developer: Solas VR

PIXO VR Training Weekly Wisdoms

Developer: Solas VR

Explore PIXO's Content Library

In order to bring the value of VR technology to businesses, PIXO has solved the technical barriers by creating partnerships and integrations with content, hardware and even backend LMS integrations—making VR training hassle-free for businesses.

Complete the form below to receieve more information about how the PIXO platform can support your company's needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PIXO platform?

The PIXO platform is a groundbreaking new Extended Reality distribution, management, and analytics platform from PIXO. With PIXO, organizations can now use and scale XR technology easier than ever before, all with one secure, cloud-based solution.

Does the PIXO platform only work with PIXO VR content?

No. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be VR. PIXO can distribute any Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or Mixed Reality content — regardless of whether it was created by PIXO, licensed from our content library, created internally by a company, or developed by a third-party.

Which XR devices are compatible with PIXO?

PIXO allows organizations to access, distribute, and manage XR content on a wide variety of the most popular tethered and standalone VR hardware platforms, including (but not limited to), HTC VIVE/VIVE Pro, HP Reverb/Reverb 2, Oculus Quest, Pico Neo/Neo 2, and more.

Our company has its own XR content. Is PIXO still for us?

Yes! While we offer a growing library of XR content experiences, the PIXO platform can be used exclusively as a distribution and management platform for your organization.

Can multiple users train and interact at once?

Yes! That’s one of the key differences between PIXO VR Training and other Virtual and Augmented Reality Training solutions. PIXO was the first company to introduce multi-user VR to the world, allowing up to dozens of trainees and other users to learn, practice, and interact together in the same environment at the same time — from potentially numerous global endpoints.

Can training missions and other experiences be repeated?

Yes — but importantly, they can also be randomized. That’s another feature that makes PIXO VR Training unique in the market today. Our first-to-market Scenario Randomization helps us avoid “teaching to the test”, exposing trainees to potentially millions of different situational details, ensuring no two training sessions are the same, (unless you want them to be).

Find more information in the PIXO Knowledge Base.

PIXO VR Training Ecosystem

PIXO orchestrates VR training for businesses by integrating content, deploying it wirelessly to any device globally, and retrieving user data on status and training assessments for complete 360 degree management of VR training programs.

PIXO VR Training Content Library
PIXO VR Training Content Library
PIXO VR Training Content Library
PIXO VR Training Content Library
PIXO VR Training Content Library

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